Corporate Profile


Integrity and Commitment

As a successful leader in commercial and technology integration, we at PSBTEK have established a philosophy based on integrity and commitment. With experience, vision and skill we commit to supply our clients with the best quality product, delivered and installed on time, at the most competitive rates.

Business should be about building relationships that will be lasting and beneficial to all involved. To be anything less would be damaging to long term success.

Industry Experience

It is our professional shop facility, skilled labor force and focus on teamwork that gives us at PSBTEK, the experience to surpass the clients expectations, big or small. Providing an opportunity for our team to reach their greatest potential, PSBTEK creates an environment focused on achieving personal excellence within our focus industries. From low residential to commercial electrical contracting and security projects, PSBTEK has extensive industry experience.

Commitment to Client

PSBTEK's commitment to its clients has set our company apart in the industry. We believe that meeting your time and budget expectations, is essential to the success of any construction project. Thus, we have made this a priority in serving you, the client.


Well diversified in several industries, PSBTEK can offer full service options for our customers that has repeatedly distinguished us as being at the forefront of the industry. Our team of certified professionals are committed to quality results no matter how small or big a project is.

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